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Large online stores are gradually changing the usual attitude to shopping online, and as a consequence, the process of creating a website. Successful trading companies are actively introducing innovative technologies in their work: chatbots, voice and video product search and other capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s see why we should use Artificial Intelligence solutions to create a modern website.

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According to Gartner, all major e-commerce companies will be using voice and even video product searches by 2021. Moreover, the use of Artificial Intelligence solutions in website development will allow online stores to better understand the needs and moods of their customers.

As a consequence, commercial companies will be able to offer each customer a product that precisely matches their needs, based on an analysis of user preferences. Futurologists predict that by 2020, companies that use Artificial Intelligence-based innovations will increase their profits by 30%.

Reasons to use Artificial Intelligence technology to create a website

Even faster search

Today’s users want to get the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. Voice search is already very popular among young people. It is necessary to anticipate the possibility of easy search of your website in the Internet with the help of Siri and Cortana.

It is also worth thinking about the future introduction of voice assistant in the development of the website, because the function of voice product search will soon become a very important criterion of user loyalty.

Even more effective communication

Chatbots help make communication more natural. Based on Artificial Intelligence technology, chat rooms will soon learn to recognize and imitate human emotions.

More and more online shoppers will interact with websites via chat bots. This option should soon finally break down the barriers and make the online shopping process comfortable and enjoyable.

Thanks to the introduction of AI interaction with chatbots will be similar to communication with a real consultant in the store, who sees the reaction of the buyer to a particular product, its price, quality, etc.

Futurologists from the Future Today Institute predict that by 2021, the chat room market will reach a figure of about 3.5 billion dollars. That your website remained in the trend, it is necessary to consider possibility of introduction of a chatboat, especially in sphere of electronic commerce.

Really good user experience

Using Artificial Intelligence solutions, the website can be better adapted to the needs of each individual visitor. Real-time learning technology helps to assess each user’s mood and understand their preferences.

Depending on the information received, the technology allows you to change the structure of the site for each visitor, including even the search function on the website. A few more features of Real-time learning technology:

  • On the move to change the recommendations of products, according to the needs of a particular visitor to the site;
  • Flexible price management, depending on the time of visit to the site;
  • Demonstrate personalized advertising;
  • Use specially selected video content to stimulate sales.

Maximum comfort in shopping

By making online purchases from home, sitting at the computer in a comfortable chair, customers can influence the creation of a fundamentally new user experience. Now the goal of the design will be not only to simplify navigation and make the website as convenient as possible. Using AI solutions, online stores will become increasingly personalized.

Rapidly growing online sales market will increasingly involve the user in the process of creating the most comfortable shopping environment. Where a person can quickly and easily get access to information of interest to him, while feeling that the website is created specifically for him.

A fundamentally new approach to marketing

Machine training as part of the AI concept and the use of Big Data analysis opens up huge opportunities for marketers. The above mentioned technologies allow you to make even more accurate marketing forecasts and build strategies for a specific user, based on his behavior on the site. For example:

  • Which type of goods the buyer will be most inclined to buy in the future;
  • Which categories of goods are annoying and repulsive;
  • Preferred search channels and devices from which this user is most convenient to make purchases;
  • Plugs of prices acceptable to the user;
  • Periods when the user is most inclined to make a purchase.

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