Photography Techniques to Try

Scanner Photography Appears precisely like its name. Taking photos with your scanner. Digital Photographer Ellen Hoverkamp has taken scanner photography to the supreme level with her beautiful Victorian passionate flower make-ups. I was interested when I initially found out about Ellen’s work and also determined I wanted to attempt scanner photography for myself.

To begin scanner photography, you require to have a scanner: a flatbed scanner. The scanner will work as your shutter and lens. The brand name, size, requirements, features, do not matter. I take place to have an Epson Stylus NX415. It’s an all in one duplicate, scan, and print sort of maker. I utilize it mainly as a printer and for the hardly ever periodic scan.

You also need a “video camera body”. A shoe box functions terrific for this. Package will certainly sit on top of your subject matter and also maintain the light out. A box which is black, or dark, on the inside is liked. I took place to have a cardboard file box which was black on the inside, and a footwear box which was red on the inside. I believed I would certainly attempt both. If your box is white or light on the inside, you can line your box with dark building and construction paper or repaint the inside of a box.

Now we require subject. It can not be any kind of larger than the dimension of the scanner bed. It can just be as tall as your box. Place your subject on the scanner, place package over your subject, as well as press check. Viola! You have actually just taken your initial scanner photography photo.

I was excited with the three dimensional appearance the scanner photography created. I was not so satisfied with my make-up. Make-up in scanner photography is a lot more precise as well as controlled than in camera photography. My very first effort was as well dark as well as you might not see every one of the flowers. My second effort I tried to arrange the blossoms better so they would all be exposed to the light: a little far better outcomes. My 3rd attempt I in fact attempted to make up a pleasing scene on the glass top … Much tougher than I expected it would certainly be.

Things tend to want to fall and also land where gravity takes them and not wish to stay where I have actually so thoroughly laid them. Scissors ended up being an useful device for trimming stems and also entrusts to aid the flowers remain in position. Attempt 4 was wrecked by my pet cat who ran across the box throughout the scan. Attempt five was a single flower, however this time I utilized a the footwear box with the red insides.

I wished to see how the red would look various from the black. The result was refined, yet still rather pleasing. My final two efforts were random things I gathered to see exactly how the scanner photography would be with non-floral subjects. I was quite delighted with the non-floral photos too.

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