Main trends in web design

The success of the entire site depends on the quality of design. Therefore, it is important to follow the trend, to understand what tools have become fashionable in the field of site building, and what are considered to be outdated and left behind. By the way, trends in web design are constantly changing, improving, modernizing.

What was relevant in 2016-2017 slowed down, yielding to completely new chips. And you, as a designer or a modern entrepreneur, need to know about them, so that the result of the development of sites was not just effective, and created the right impression of the company that owns the web resource.

Believe me, if you follow the trend of web design, your target audience will certainly appreciate it, converting from a visitor to a regular customer. And we are happy to help you with this. In this article we will tell you what trends in web design in 2018 are becoming relevant, and which should be forgotten.

Site design trends 2019 – examples and descriptions of key elements

First of all, design trends have affected mobile gadgets. Only last year, the frequency of viewing sites with the help of mobile devices surpassed the use of laptops and computers.

It is logical that the design of the adaptive version of the site should correspond to this. Until recently, the appearance of the adaptive version of the resource was limited – there were no bright elements that added weight to the pages, various full-size banners and triggers because of the limited size of the displays.

Today, when smartphones and tablets have become highly intelligent, when the system recognizes the request for voice and there were voice bots, and the performance of the gadget and the size of the diagonal of its screen allows you to include in the design of the site is absolutely any tools, for developers appeared more opportunities. This has influenced the trends of web design in 2019.

Now let’s move directly to the visual elements and styles that are gaining popularity and will be in the trend next year.


The concept of Storittling came to us from the west and was firmly anchored in one of the content directions. Today, you can often find Storturinga in social networks, which convince the reader to buy a product or service, citing the story of how he helped the author.

But a few years ago, the principle of storting was established in web design, showing high results.

With the help of a visually designed story, which is told to the visitor, you can keep his attention for a long time, motivating him to further actions: to look at the site, learn more about the company, its products or services.

Stortelling can be in the form of video, animation, or it can be divided in blocks and placed along the entire length of the page. This is especially useful if it is a long home page or landing page.

More space.

The trend for a large white space appeared relatively recently – in 2016-2017. However, it is a reliable donkey in web design due to its ability to focus on the main proposal.

Large white space visually enlarges the screen and prevents the user from losing concentration. In addition, this color is compatible with all others, so you can choose any shade of accent or design idea. And they’ll look great.

Responsive logos

A fresh trend that will always be relevant from now on. Adaptive logos, which can be automatically adjusted to the mobile device’s screen size, can perform two functions at once in one stroke:

The company will keep its brand in front of the target audience regardless of its mobile device and the search engine will evaluate the behavioral factor when analyzing the mobile version of the site, improving the position of the resource in the search results.

Studio minimalist photos

Try to replace bright and multi-element photos on your website with high quality photos that show only one element that reflects the idea and concept of the company. This will focus the attention of the visitor and will not allow him to be distracted.

Tonight’s a trendy picture. And thanks to their effect they will remain in it for a long time to come.

Screaming colors

No one will ever be able to prohibit the use of bright colors in the design of your site, if they emphasize the overall idea. Colors convey emotions, and emotions – the most important thing for the user.

At the sight of juicy and shouting colors, correctly matched to each other, your target audience will appreciate your courage, staying on the site and continuing to use it.

Web design trends are a dynamic structure. What was fashionable and relevant yesterday, tomorrow may become a passed stage, “the last century”. But we have given examples of design elements, with the help of which it will always be possible to keep afloat, positioning the company modern and successful.

Non-standard block layout

The classic way of placing the blocks is already considered obsolete. No, it does not lose its effectiveness, but thanks to new methods of information presentation it can be significantly increased.

Try to structure the information according to the broken grid method by chaotically placing blocks all over the page. This solution creates a new turn in terms of aesthetics – it warms up the user’s interest and allows you not to go beyond the corporate identity, even the narrowly directed company.

However, to use this method of block placement it is necessary to carefully consider the structure of the site. Do not forget that we read from left to right, therefore, all the most important information should be on the left side.

Full screen video

Although info content allows you to maximize the company’s exposure, its competitive advantages and services, full-screen video can cope with this no worse. Firstly, background videos make the design of the site unusual, modern, which increases the involvement of the visitor and leads to greater efficiency.

Secondly, video may not be the worst story about the company. At the same time, the user does not need to scroll the page down to find the information he is interested in.

In fact, the chip with full-length video as the main background appeared long ago. It has managed to visit the top of the popularity and go, as an unnecessary element, because of the impossibility of support for mobile devices and high weight, which led to a decrease in the speed of loading the site.

But the performance of the gadgets and technical optimization capabilities brought back the video as the main background. This means that they may again take the lead in design development in 2019.

By the way, video can be a great addition to flat design. Use it as a screensaver and it will complement the design with a cool image chip.

Geometric shapes and patterns

This trend is relatively new. It started in 2016, developed in the 17th and will continue to gain popularity in 2019. Mixing different geometric shapes can give excellent results.

Proper selection of patterns and shapes will help to create a coherent and attractive composition, which is very much appreciated by the web user. And, despite the fact that 2D technology is gradually losing its position, yielding to 3D, such techniques can significantly refresh the concept of design, making it modern and very interesting.

Cinemas: fresh trends in web design 2019

Cinematographs are not the hyphens that have filled the Internet to the fullest. No, these are modern static illustrations with partial animation. Cinemas are quite new and fresh enough solution, which must be used when developing a trendy site design.

Judge for yourself how they add spice to the appearance of the web page, revealing the purpose of the site and the essence of the proposal, which carries the project.

Gif-images (animation)

If cinemas are new in the field of design, animation is a classic. And classics, as you know, never goes out of fashion. Gifki maximum capture the attention and allow without long eloquent descriptions to make the user understand what he offers the company on whose site he is.